How a mobile device management solution can help with securing devices in the digital workspace

The past decade has witnessed many organizations adapting to a digital workspace, replacing the traditional physical offices setups with virtual workplaces encompassing all the technologies that employees require to get their work done. Because of the pandemic, even companies that were once against the concept of a distributed workforce have now been forced to embrace remote work. Though a digital workspace offers a more flexible user experience for employees, it comes with its own set of challenges.


What is remote monitoring and management (RMM)?

Remote monitoring and management (RMM) is the process of tracking, monitoring, and managing endpoints for multiple clients. It is mostly used by managed service providers (MSPs) to provide IT services to organizations who outsource their IT requirements. Two of the basic solutions required to start a MSP business are an RMM tool and a professional services automation (PSA) tool. Choosing the best RMM-PSA combo is a different topic altogether that we’ll leave for another discussion.