"Catchpoint, If You Aren't Using It, You Aren't Monitoring Your Applications Properly": Catchpoint is Recognized as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insight's Customer's Choice

We’re thrilled to have earned the distinction of being recognized as a Customer’s Choice in the October 2020 Gartner Peer Insights’ ‘Voice of the Customer’: Network Performance Monitoring & Diagnostics (NPMD) category Gartner Peer Insights’ Customer Choice distinctions “recognize vendors and products that are highly rated by their customers.” Everyone thinks they have happy customers, but how do they know they do?


Event in Review: Networking Field Day 23

Recently, Catchpoint participated in the virtual Networking Field Day. As a presenting sponsor, we spoke about the importance of network monitoring and the shift in enterprises’ strategic initiatives supporting user experience monitoring. For an hour, the discussion focused on how the digital experiences for employees and customers are converging. Enterprises are shifting to measure and monitor the tenets of reachability, availability, performance, and reliability.


How IT Can Enable Smooth Digital Collaboration | Engagement and Automation

Whenever a file transfer, instant messaging, email, or Wi-Fi failed in the office, an employee could stand up and walk over to deliver the message in person. It certainly didn’t grind their workday to a halt. But as organizations have grown globally, so has their reliance on digital collaboration—the critical tools and services that enable employees to remain productive when working together.


30 HR Professionals & Business Leaders Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Developing Work from Home Policies

2020 has been defined by some key changes in how we conduct our personal and professional lives. One of the biggest has no doubt been the shift from working in the office to working from home. After all, work as we know it has been turned on its head. During this time, companies have been faced with tough and unprecedented questions regarding remote work.


Proactive IT & The Future of Higher Education

Higher education is one of the many sectors facing the prospect of profound reorientation in the post-COVID-19 world. Following the government’s re-evaluation of approach, which saw students awarded predicted grades at A-level, many university leaders are concerned that taking on the extra, successful students would mean a stretch to resources – especially with social distancing and remote learning requirements needed to manage the spread of the virus.


Catchpoint Detects 50% More End User Problems Than Dynatrace!

Consider this scenario, your internal application and system health is in green, but your end users are reporting accessibility/availability issues. Does such a monitoring strategy serve an actual purpose? A well-built APM and infrastructure monitoring solution like Dynatrace is great for internal system health.


BGP Monitoring with Network Insights

In this week’s tip, we are looking at a use case unique to our popular Network Insights solution. Network Insights lets our users view their network path from end to end, providing detailed granular telemetry from four primary sources: We could go into depth on any of these, but today we’re going to focus on Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Monitoring.