Nexthink Secures Series D Funding - Valuation of $1.1 Billion!

Watch now to hear Nexthink’s CEO and Co-founder Pedro Bados announce an important milestone for Nexthink: raising $180M in a Series D round and garnering a $1.1B valuation. Accelerated innovation and further customer success is on the horizon following this announcement. Find out more about what this means for Nexthink’s future and the future of Digital Employee Experience.
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Observability for Microsoft Teams; How, What, and Why?

As one of the leading enterprise collaboration software globally, Microsoft Teams helps remote workers come together and stay productive. But while IT already has tools to monitor Teams call quality metrics, the pandemic shifted the organizational landscape with all of us working remotely from home. Or at least work in a hybrid way! So what does that mean for Teams monitoring now? The shift necessitates a newer Microsoft Teams monitoring strategy approach that combines synthetics with real user monitoring (RUM) to get a complete seamless digital experience.


Growth of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM FTW)

Application Performance Management (APM) measures how a SaaS or Web application performs on the backend (for Devops). End-User Experience Management (EUEM) focuses on user behavior within those applications. Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics (NPMD) collects network telemetry to facilitate performance degradation. DEM combines all these tools to holistically look at the entire digital journey and see how each dependency drives successful experiences for customers and employees.


Digital Wellbeing and the Overlapping Roles of HR and IT

Who oversees employee digital wellbeing? Nexthink’s Meg Donovan (Chief People Officer) and Tim Flower (Global Director of Business Transformation) recently sat down to answer this question on the minds of so many business leaders. Of course, Human Resources departments have traditionally shouldered the responsibility of managing employee wellbeing. But a recent Nexthink survey reveals that unreliable IT services and equipment is the third biggest contributor to employee turnover and burnout.


23 Minutes Lost: The Real Consequences of Digital Workplace Distractions

We’ve all been there: you’re dialed-in to a specific task, hyper-focused on completing it… and then some minor distraction pulls you away. An email notification chimes, a coworker asks you a simple question, an angry driver wails on his horn outside your window – and when you return to the task at hand, you realize that tunnel-vision focus you just had is now lost.


What Is Real User Monitoring?

The customer experience is frequently the top priority for organizations, yet as the customer experience increasingly shifts from in-person to online, many organizations have lost insight into what that digital experience is actually like. Current monitoring tools barely scratch the surface; they fail to provide actionable guidance on how to improve the digital experience based on the massive volume of data customers generate as they navigate websites and applications.