Freshworks Shares 7 Tips to Improve Lead Management Efforts and Efficiency in CRM

The purpose of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to improve your relationships with clients and acquire new customers faster. While CRM software is essential for managing sales leads, you also need a good CRM strategy as a foundation for your efforts. We talked to Freshworks salesperson Stephanie Taiwo, as Head of UKI Business Development, to get her seven top tips for managing leads and driving conversions.


Personalized CRM Forms and "Client Match" Feature

What if the CRM forms that you use for various purposes could be personalized and have your customer data filled in automatically into the form? Now thanks to new CRM forms and a “Customer Match” option, Bitrix24 CRM forms can do just that. In Bitrix24 CRM you can create personalized CRM forms with all the customer data filled in automatically from the CRM card.


Introducing Email Notifications and Activity Reminders to Teamwork CRM

We are delighted to release the final piece of our notifications solution to Teamwork CRM with Email Notifications and Reminders. Until now, notifications were available in-app via the bell icon. To date this is how users received notifications for any changes to the deals they were following. However, there was still a notification gap to be filled. Once you were out of the application, you had no means of understanding how your deals progressed.


CRM Form Settings: Placements and Domain Change

As you may know, we've recently introduced the new CRM form designer added to our Bitrix24 to easily create and edit existing CRM forms. The new designer is really flexible and allows to edit and visualize the form right in the edit mode. In this article we'll cover the CRM forms settings options like placements and domain change.


OPA + Styra DAS free up time and resources for a CRM solution

Let’s say you were going to plan a security project. (Almost any project, really.) The following might be a pretty solid list of goals to aim for: That’s a pretty solid list - and might even read like “too much to ask for.” Yet, it’s exactly what SugarCRM received after deploying Styra DAS to manage Open Policy Agent (OPA) for Kubernetes guardrails.

CRM-Today Webinar # 2 Starting to work with your CRM - Email & CRM forms

We are happy to invite you to join the second episode our live CRM Today webinar series on February 4, 2021 at 9 AM EST. During this session, we'll be concentrating on how to work with emails and CRM forms inside your Bitrix24 CRM. Spoiler! We've updated our CRM form designer and we'll show you how is it to create and edit new CRM forms to generate leads and increase conversion.

Integrate your CRM for Exceptional Customer Service

Managing relationships with customers is a crucial part of running a successful business. Providing excellent customer service is an important piece of building relationships. Even though relationships cannot be entirely managed with software, there are tools that can help, namely the Bitrix24 CRM.