How in the World Can CISOs Unite Security and DevOps?

For most companies today, software is what helps you compete. You have to roll out new products and services to satisfy customers, and you need to do it FAST. While it’s true DevOps has revolutionized development in terms of speed, capability and agility, the truth is security is having trouble keeping up. For CISOs and other security leaders, it’s no small task trying to ensure software development happens securely.


How CISOs Can Foster Effective Comms and Build a Cybersecurity Program

For many organizations, security flows from the top down. That’s a problem when executives don’t emphasize security as much as they should. Cisco learned as much in its CISO Benchmark Study “Securing What’s Now and What’s Next20 Cybersecurity Considerations for 2020.” Here are just some of the findings from Cisco’s study: The reason for these findings wasn’t immediately apparent from Cisco’s study.

Virtual Event - CISO Panel: Securing Digital Transformation in the New Normal

As an IT security leader, how are you adapting during these uncertain times? Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, remote working has added a new dimension to the security, compliance and digital transformation demand landscape. It is increasingly important to embed security solutions and processes into the organization that reduce complexity and massively increase the automation of killer manual tasks. Learn how C-Level and other senior leaders from around the globe are securing digital transformation in the new normal by watching our latest CISO Panel.

CISO: What the Job REALLY Entails and How It's Evolved over the Years

All of us know what a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) does from afar. A CISO upholds the organization’s overall security by overseeing the operations of the IS practice, the IT security department and related staff. In this capacity, those who become a CISO attain the highest paying job in information security, as it carries the associated responsibility of enabling business in a fast-evolving threat landscape. But is there more to this job than that description is letting on?


Now Is The Perfect Time For CISOs to Tame the Security Frontier

This is the second installment of a six-part series offering guidance to CISOs who tell us finding success in the world of application security is a lot like trying to survive in the “Wild West.” After listening to their individual concerns and challenges, we’ve decided to share our unique insights on how these digital frontiers can be tamed and what it takes to become an effective security pioneer in this modern age.


Why Secure DevOps is the New Sheriff in Town

We’ve listened to the pain points of CISOs around the country, many of whom say managing an effective application security program often feels like trying to survive in the Wild West. It’s a great metaphor. You’ve got cowboys and gunslingers and outlaws. There are open frontiers and endless opportunities for pioneers.


The New Normal: Organizations Need Security Leaders More Than Ever

The world is changing at a pace not seen in modern history. Security leaders, including chief information security officers (CISOs), face new security challenges as well as opportunities. As COVID-19 drives workers to look for new ways to live and work, organizations must be proactive. The ‘new normal’ may seem scary at first, but savvy CISOs who see beyond tactical changes to the threat landscape can capitalize on opportunities.


Why cybersecurity needs a seat at the table

A shift has occurred in the bastion of corporate hierarchy in the last few decades that has fundamentally changed how organizations operate. This shift started about sixteen years ago in 1994 with Citibank/Citigroup. After suffering a cybersecurity incident, they created the role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO); a role which has only grown in prominence since.