Get comprehensive monitoring for your Apache Kafka ecosystem instances quickly with Grafana Cloud

We are happy to announce that the Kafka integration is available for Grafana Cloud, our composable observability platform bringing together metrics, logs, and traces with Grafana. Apache Kafka is an open source distributed event streaming platform that provides high-performance data pipelines, streaming analytics, data integration, and mission-critical applications.


Lenses magnified: Enhanced, secure, self-serve developer experience for Kafka

In our world of streaming applications, developers are forever climbing a steep learning curve to stay successful with technologies such as Apache Kafka. There is no end to the debt and the detail you need to manage when it comes to Kafka - and particularly since it doesn’t come with guardrails to help you out, the stakes for making mistakes are high.


Monitoring Apache Kafka Clusters with Sumo Logic

Apache Kafka® is one of the most popular streaming and messaging platforms, commonly used in a pub-sub (publish-subscribe) model, where consumer software applications send data via messages that producer software applications can consume. Teams use Kafka for a variety of use cases, including monitoring user activity, sending notifications, and concurrently processing streams of incoming data such as financial transactions.

Future of Data Meetup: Hello, Kafka! (An Introduction to Apache Kafka)

Our “Hello, “ series of introductory “Big Data” topic-focused meetups returns to Boston in July as we deliver our fifth event. This meetup will introduce you to Apache Kafka without assuming you’ve heard anything about the Apache development project, the problems that Kafka was designed to solve or the role it currently plays in modern enterprise data architectures.

Distributed Tracing for Kafka Clients with OpenTelemetry and Splunk APM

This blog series is focused on observability into Kafka based applications. In the previous blogs, we discussed the key performance metrics to monitor different Kafka components in "Monitoring Kafka Performance with Splunk" and how to collect performance metrics using OpenTelemetry in "Collecting Kafka Performance Metrics with OpenTelemetry." In this blog, we'll cover how to enable distributed tracing for Kafka clients with OpenTelemetry and Splunk APM.

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How to Build a Kafka-Spark-Solr Data Analytics Platform Using Deployment Blueprints

Enterprise applications rely on large amounts of data that needs to be distributed, processed, and stored. Data platforms offer data management services via a combination of open source and commercially supported software stacks. These services enable accelerated development and deployment of data-hungry business applications. Building a containerized data analytics platform comprising different software stacks comes with several deployment challenges.


Monitoring Kafka Performance with Splunk

Today’s business is powered by data. Success in the digital world depends on how quickly data can be collected, analyzed and acted upon. The faster the speed of data-driven insights, the more agile and responsive a business can become. Apache Kafka has emerged as a popular open-source stream-processing solution for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing data at scale.


Collecting Kafka Performance Metrics with OpenTelemetry

In a previous blog post, "Monitoring Kafka Performance with Splunk," we discussed key performance metrics to monitor different components in Kafka. This blog is focused on how to collect and monitor Kafka performance metrics with Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring using OpenTelemetry, a vendor-neutral and open framework to export telemetry data. In this step-by-step getting-started blog, we will.