Get effective DevSecOps with version control

“Version control” sounds a bit like something used by people scattered around the country trying to collaborate on a story. But it’s a crucial part of software development, especially in the DevSecOps era, where you need to ensure that the speed of the CI/CD pipeline doesn’t outrun quality and security. That’s because software development isn’t like an assembly line where a product moves from one group of workers to the next in a perfectly coordinated sequence.


Watch Here: How to Build a Successful AppSec Program

Cyberattackers and threat actors won’t take a break and wait for you to challenge them with your security efforts – you need a proactive application security (AppSec) program to get ahead of threats and remediate flaws quickly. It’s critical that you stand up an AppSec program covering all the bases, from which roles each team member will have to alignment on KPIs and goals, and even a detailed application inventory to stay on top of your code.

Enhancing Observability in DevSecOps

Digital transformation often accelerates innovation at the expense of creating an intelligence gap with massive amounts of unanalyzed data. This is where Continuous Intelligence comes into play. Join Sumo Logic’s Systems Engineer, Suresh Govindachetty, as he demonstrates how Continuous Intelligence helps find and solve information gaps, and how a single platform approach allows organisations to combine devs, operations, and security in ways that ease the burden for all teams across the organisation.

The U.S. Department of Defense - A Role Model for DevSecOps

Several years ago, few would have thought that a government agency would be at the forefront of application development tooling and processes, daring the civilian world to keep up with their shift-left knowhow. But that’s exactly what’s happening in the U.S. Department of Defense, which is implementing the Enterprise DevSecOps Initiative to enable agencies to increase the warfighter’s competitive advantage by developing applications more rapidly and securely.

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Container Inspection: Walking The Security Tightrope For Cloud DevOps

Containers are at the forefront of software development creating a revolution in cloud computing. Developers are opting for containerization at an impressive rate due to its efficiency, flexibility and portability. However, as the usage of containers increases, so should the security surrounding it. With containers comprising of many valuable components it is of the utmost importance that there are no vulnerabilities exposed when developing applications, and risks are mitigated before containers, and their contents, reach the end-user.

5 Lessons About Software Security for Cybersecurity Awareness Month

October is cybersecurity awareness month, and this year, the overarching theme is “Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart.” When considering what “cybersmart” means in application security, we realized we unearthed some data this year that made us a little cybersmarter and could help other security professionals and developers increase their AppSec smarts as well. We’re sharing those data gems below.


How ZeroNorth is driving the DevSecOps revolution for the good of software

Where software was once on the sidelines of organizational success today, it is front and center—with businesses under more pressure than ever before to deliver more software, at greater speed, with better quality. But as the DevOps movement has accelerated to address these challenges head on, and the processes for developing software have become more distributed, responsibility for securing these applications has splintered.


A New Framework for Modern Security

We are in the midst of an unprecedented convergence of events that are forcing enterprises to dramatically change how they secure their modern businesses. With the acceleration of digital transformation from COVID-19, work-from-home initiatives, the continued growth of SaaS and the increasing adoption of microservices-based applications, the modern enterprise threat landscaping is transforming rapidly.


Veracode Makes DevSecOps a Seamless Experience With GitHub Code Scanning

Developers face a bevy of roadblocks in their race to meet tight deadlines, which means they often pull from risky open source libraries and prioritize security flaws on the fly. In a recent ESG survey report, Modern Application Development Security, we saw that 54% of organizations push vulnerable code just to meet critical deadlines, and while they plan for remediation on a later release, lingering flaws only add to risky security debt.