9 Possible Solutions To Fix a 502 Bad Gateway Error on Your WordPress Site

WordPress errors such as 502 bad getaway error frustrate and annoy the website owners and the users and visitors on your website. This is one of the most usual WordPress errors, and others such as the error establishing the database connection or white screen of death also create a lot of performance and other website issues. 502 bad gateway error is especially popular as it affects smaller websites and huge services such as Twitter, Gmail, CloudFlare experience this issue.


Multi-Region WordPress Hosting for Enterprise Availability and Performance

In this article we cover a multi-region geographic distribution approach for WordPress CMS deployment. The application will be distributed as clusters across several regions within one cloud to ensure automatic fault-tolerance and low latency read operations for the users based on their location. Such an approach brings high availability to the top level, allowing to ensure business continuity even in case of a data centre outage.


DNS Load Balancing for Highly Available Enterprise WordPress Cluster

Scalability, high availability, and performance are fundamental to the success of a commercial product deployment. And if the workload includes multiple entry points for requests, it is important to properly set up smooth load balancing in order to achieve the required uptime and speed. One of the solutions in this case is to use a DNS service with origin servers health checks.


Ten Ways to Improve WordPress Page Speed

Page Speed is a pretty big deal these days. As of May 2021, Google will start combining Core Web Vitals (how Google measures page speed) with other UX-related signals to rank your page. In other words, Page Speed impacts your SEO. Since Google changed Googlebot's algorithm to highly favour fast, mobile-friendly websites, it has become more important to have a fast website.


Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate Zero Downtime Renewal in WordPress Cluster

Nowadays, an SSL is a necessity for any website in production, thus certificate issuing and renewal are routine tasks that can be easily automated by tools like Let’s Encrypt. These processes are performed using open-source certbot with the standalone authenticator. The main drawback here is the possible downtime of the web application server during the automatic certificate renewal and domain validation.

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9 Popular WordPress Plugins Using AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is in the news a lot, and it’s hyped as a cure for all ills in the same breath it’s suspected of spelling doom for us all. What’s the truth behind all the noise? What does artificial intelligence do, seeing as it is simply everywhere. The truth of the matter is that whatever the would-be prophets say, artificial intelligence and machine learning is here, now, and has applications to your day-to-day.