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Taking an IT-Focused Approach to Securing OT Remote Operations at Municipal Utilities May be Risking Lives

The Oldsmar, Florida, water breach is two months behind us, but the lessons learned will continue to reverberate for thousands of budget-constrained municipal utilities in North America, as well as other regions across the world.


Industrial IoT Needs to Catch Up to Consumer IoT

When it comes to cybersecurity, industrial IT—consisting mainly of operational technology (OT) and industrial control systems (ICS)—has failed to keep up with development in the enterprise IT world. That’s mostly because industries’ adoption of internet technology has been slower when compared with enterprises. It would take some time to close the gap, but concerted efforts have already been made to upgrade the security of industrial IT and improve the efficiency of OT and ICS.


Report: USB threats to ICS systems have nearly doubled

The latest Honeywell USB Threat Report 2020 indicates that the number of threats specifically targeting Operational Technology systems has nearly doubled from 16% to 28%, while the number of threats capable of disrupting those systems rose from 26% to 59% over the same period. Let’s face it. Critical infrastructure operators in manufacturing, aerospace, energy, shipping, chemical, oil and gas, pulp and paper, water and wastewater, and building automation are heavily relying on USB devices.


Texas power failures highlight dangers of grid attacks

In mid-February, a winter storm left more than 4 million people in Texas without power. These outages lasted days, leading to substantial property damage and even death, and they paint a grim picture for the future. Should a cyberattack successfully infiltrate U.S. power grids, the results could be deadly. The Texas power failures did not result from a cyberattack, but they highlight how destructive grid outages can be.


4 Key Cybersecurity Trends Confronting Canada's Electric Sector

Digital attackers are increasingly targeting energy organizations including those that support national electric grids. As reported by Morning Consult, security researchers found that utilities worldwide had suffered a recorded 1,780 distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks between June 15 and August 21, 2020. That’s a 595% year-over-year increase.


Cyberattack on Florida's water treatment plant: What it means to global organizations

The recent news of a cyberattack on a water treatment plant carried out by a remote perpetrator came as a shock to organizations around the world. Earlier this month, an unauthorized threat actor had remotely accessed the plant’s control systems via TeamViewer and used it to increase the amount of sodium hydroxide (lye) in water to dangerously higher levels.