1+1 Is Not Always Two!

Today marks a milestone day for Diyotta. I am quite thrilled to share that Diyotta is joining forces with ThoughtSpot! Together, we’ll accelerate development of the Modern Analytics Cloud and put cutting-edge innovations from across the entire cloud landscape in the hands of every employee. This is a massive win, not only for the industry, but for our customers, and of course, our team. ‍When I look at a merger, there are a few questions I always ask first...


Fivetran Launches Support for New Databricks + GCP Offering

Businesses can now use Fivetran with the Lakehouse Platform on Google Cloud. We are excited to launch Fivetran support for a newly available solution: Databricks on Google Cloud. We’ve partnered with both Databricks and Google Cloud for many years now, and understand the unique value they each deliver to Fivetran customers, so it was a priority for us to support their joint effort.


Announcing Native Integration for Hashicorp Vault Secrets

Secret management is one of the most critical areas in deploying and running applications. Codefresh already had native support for native Kubernetes secrets or custom secrets on the Codefresh Runner, but more and more customers have asked us for native support for Hashicorp Vault. Today we are pleased to announce our native integration with Hashicorp vault as another secret provider for Codefresh pipelines.