Integrating with Azure

Azure users can now deploy the platform directly from the Azure Console with the click of a button. The seamless integration between Azure and delivers visibility and monitoring for enterprise organizations developing applications on Azure, providing the specific information needed to streamline code development and achieve business agility.

API-Led Data Integration: Key Questions to Ask When Securing an API

Data has become an incredibly powerful tool that helps brands streamline processes and improve customer services. To facilitate this, you will often need an API that moves data between applications without compromising the value of your information or creating vulnerabilities that can be exploited. Securing an API therefore becomes a crucial aspect of any data integration project. An API solution that meets security essentials will make it much more resistant to cyber threats.


Why Does My Business Need to Transform Data?

Fivetran pipelines reliably load your data to your chosen destination, but then what? Without joining, filtering, and aggregating your data, your business can’t produce data models to answer critical business decisions. This is why data transformations are essential to every business looking to maximize value from the data they collect from disparate sources.