Announcing our $55M Series C Round Funding to further our storage-less data vision

It’s been an exciting year here at Coralogix. We welcomed our 2,000th customer (more than doubling our customer base) and almost tripled our revenue. We also announced our Series B Funding and started to scale our R&D teams and go-to-market strategy. Most exciting, though, was last September when we launched Streamaⓒ – our stateful streaming analytics pipeline. And the excitement continues! Delivers Cloud Native Monitoring to the Azure Marketplace is proud to launch a new partnership with Microsoft that enables Azure customers to directly integrate with’s platform from within the Azure Console. This integration importantly allows Azure developers to begin monitoring their workloads faster than ever before, using the open-source technologies that their teams love. Check out this video for a demonstration of how it works.


Grafana Labs joins the CNCF Governing Board as a Platinum member of the open source foundation

At Grafana Labs, we are proud to be one of the largest code contributors to Cloud Native Computing Foundation projects. We are currently the leading company contributor to Prometheus, and also make substantial contributions to Cortex, Thanos, Jaeger, and OpenTelemetry. Our own open source projects — Grafana, Grafana Loki, and Grafana Tempo — have also become fundamental parts of the cloud native ecosystem.


Reliability Matters. Blameless is Growing with Series B $30M Funding

When Blameless started in 2018, the team set out on a mission to help all engineers achieve reliability with less toil and risk. Three years in, that mission has become more important than ever. What has changed is the rate of SRE adoption, now the fastest growing team and practice inside engineering. This represents a clear recognition of the many upsides that an SRE practice brings with its combination of continuous learning, velocity, and resilience.


Supporting Azure Shared Image Gallery with Elastigroup

Images are one of the most basic, common attributes for your virtual machines (VMs), and contain the operating system which may be customized with specific installations and features. It is necessary to keep VM images organized and structured so that they are easily maintained, managed, and are accessible. Azure introduced their Shared Image Gallery to help solve this, giving users a way to manage, share and distribute custom images.


The Ops Agent is now GA and it leverages OpenTelemetry

Running and troubleshooting production services requires deep visibility into your applications and infrastructure. While basic logs and metrics are available out of the box with Google Cloud Compute Engine (GCE), capturing advanced data used to require the installation of both a metrics agent and a logging agent.


Say hello to a better, more flexible licensing model - OpManager Plus

Managing IT operations is becoming increasingly complex due to the evolution of IT systems, the recent shift to a hybrid workforce, changing client requirements, and many other reasons. This is why IT admins like you need a solution that allows you to deal with these complex ongoing problems effortlessly.