Product Release


Splunk On-Call: New Name, New Features to Improve On-Call For Your Teams

Today, more than ever, mobilizing remote teams to triage and resolve outages separates is separating enterprises able to accelerate their digital initiatives from those who don’t. Observability has elevated our ability to quickly detect problems and ask questions in our system to triage and reduce “time to clue” — an increasingly important metric.


Introducing KubeLinter - an open source linter for Kubernetes

Today, I’m excited to announce the launch of KubeLinter , a new open source project from StackRox! KubeLinter analyzes Kubernetes YAML files and Helm charts, and checks them against a variety of best practices, with a focus on production readiness and security. Scroll down to watch a video overview of KubeLinter.


Announcing Grafana Tempo, a massively scalable distributed tracing system

Grafana Labs is proud to announce an easy-to-operate, high-scale, and cost-effective distributed tracing system: Tempo. Tempo is designed to be a robust trace id lookup store whose only dependency is object storage (GCS/S3). Join us in the Grafana Slack #tempo channel or the tempo-users google group to get involved today!


Kong Gateway 2.2 released!

We are happy to announce release 2.2 of our flagship open source API gateway! Those were some busy three months since the release of Kong Gateway 2.1! We have pushed a number of patch releases in the 2.1 series, we’ve had our first fully-digital Kong Summit, and of course, we’ve been very busy building new features that are now shipping in Kong Gateway 2.2!


Yellowfin 9.3 Release Highlights

Broadcasting is now available in this release for both dashboards and presentations. Just like reports, you can now enable scheduled delivery of these analytic content to different audiences. We have also included additional options for schedules — making it more granular for specific frequencies. For example, for fortnightly broadcasts I can now set the delivery to be on the second Monday. Or for monthly broadcasts, to have deliveries happen on the fifth day every month.


OctoPerf V12 - Scheduler, Slack Integration and UI Upgrade

It’s been some time since our latest major release, in fact OctoPerf v12 is probably our biggest/longest coming release to date. There’s of course been a couple of minor versions this summer and we’ll also cover them but first let’s focus on the new killer features: the scheduler, alerting through slack/mail and a better UI for the menus. The scheduler is the first item left on our original roadmap (back when OctoPerf was still called


Introducing Predictive Rebalancing: An application-driven approach for reliably utilizing spot instances

Here at Spot by NetApp we’re continuously innovating our machine learning models used for identifying and predicting spot capacity usage and interruptions for all major public clouds (AWS, Azure and GCP). These proprietary algorithms expand the ability to utilize spot capacity for production and mission-critical workloads, allowing our customers to enjoy up to 90% cloud compute cost reduction with SLAs and SLOs that guarantee availability.


Introducing: Automated Cost per Customer for SaaS Companies

If you’re a SaaS business — especially B2B — you know that your profitability can vary significantly from customer to customer. We all have a sense of our “expensive customers,” who use the product heavily and push things to the limit. That also means there are more profitable customers. Who are they? And how do they use the product?