Product Release


New feature in Loki 2.4: no more ordering constraint

A new version of Loki was released back in November, and I’m here to talk about one of its most exciting features. Loki 2.4 finally removed the requirement that all data must be ingested in timestamp-ascending order. Instead, Loki now allows out of order logs up to a configurable validity window (more to come on that). In this post, I’ll walk through what all this means and why we’re thrilled about it.


New Full Page Check upgrades support end user demand for richer features

Software upgrades are typically about offering new upgrades and improvements that enhance the end user experience, offer greater efficiency, and provide a more feature-rich product. These are also some of the reasons why Uptrends has released a new version of the Full Page Check monitor, which offers lots of benefits over the previous version. The demand for more metrics has grown over time not only for how the elements load but also how the page is presented to the end users.


December 2021 Update - On-duty board, Manual Signls and Azure Sentinel update

Our December update brings a ‘Who is on duty’ board displaying current team members on duty with contact information. In addition, we have simplified the manual sending of Signls and improved the integration with Azure Sentinel. As always, you can find all the details in this article.


Introducing Adaptive Alerts - Detect application level trends with greater accuracy

Adaptive Alerts is a new feature from Rollbar that adds to our reliable, informative and actionable alerts about unexpected issues in monitored applications and services. Adaptive Alerts uses anomaly detection to learn the standard behavior of enterprise applications, and alerts developers about atypical exception rates, reducing unwanted noise.


Announcing the GA of Splunk APM's AlwaysOn Profiling

As an update to.conf’s announcement of our continuous code profiling preview, we’re excited to share that today Splunk APM’s AlwaysOn Profiling is generally available for Java applications, included in APM with no additional cost. Here’s a quick walkthrough of the feature, and how you can get started now.


Calico WireGuard support with Azure CNI

Last June, Tigera announced a first for Kubernetes: supporting open-source WireGuard for encrypting data in transit within your cluster. We never like to sit still, so we have been working hard on some exciting new features for this technology, the first of which is support for WireGuard on AKS using the Azure CNI. First a short recap about what WireGuard is, and how we use it in Calico.


Grafana 8.3 released: Recorded queries, panel suggestions, new panels, added security, and more

Grafana 8.3 is here! This is an exciting release for Grafana Labs. This release includes the new Candlestick panel, a new visualization suggestions engine, support for AWS Metrics Insights and, for our Grafana Enterprise users, recorded queries. Get 8.3 You can get started with Grafana in minutes with Grafana Cloud. Here’s a closer look at the important new features in 8.3.


The Gremlin November 2021 release: Integrate better with private network integrations

We’re excited to announce the launch of private network integrations! This lets you use our existing Status Checks and Webhooks features on systems residing inside of your internal network, empowering any Gremlin team to automate Gremlin tasks safely and securely.


Kubernetes 1.23 - What's new?

Kubernetes 1.23 is about to be released, and it comes packed with novelties! Where do we begin? This release brings 45 enhancements, on par with the 56 in Kubernetes 1.22 and the 50 in Kubernetes 1.21. Of those 45 enhancements, 11 are graduating to Stable, a whopping 15 are existing features that keep improving, and 19 are completely new. The new features included in this version are generally small, but really welcomed. Like the kubectl events command, support for OpenAPI v3, or gRPC probes.


NiCE VMware Management Pack 5.4 released

The NiCE VMware Management Pack 5.4 is an enterprise-ready Microsoft SCOM add-on for advanced VMware vSphere and ESXi monitoring. It supports the VMware administrator in centralized vSphere and ESXi health and performance monitoring to improve user experience and business results. The new NiCE VMware Management Pack 5.4 comes with new features, such as extensive vSAN monitoring options, vCenter Service monitoring, Snapshot management, Datastore Provision monitoring, as well as Certificate tracking.