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Identity Director 2021.2 Has Arrived! Why Your Business Will Benefit From Adopting Identity Management

Identity and Access Management involves a series of complex and organisational challenges. This brings together people from the whole organisation to engage in workflow management and decision making. Where the tools at hand lack the capacity to integrate key stakeholders into the communication and the decision-making process, the organization suffers.

pandora fms

Proactive Monitoring in Digital Transformation Times

Pandora FMS is a proactive, advanced, flexible and easy-to-configure monitoring tool according to each business. Pandora FMS integrates with the needs of the business, being able to monitor servers, network equipment, terminals and whatever is necessary. In this article we will focus on monitoring using Pandora FMS, bearing in mind the new reality, which has arrived to stay, known as “Digital Transformation”.


Application Integration and Digital Transformation: A Close Association

In order to gain an advantage over their competitors and improve customer experience, organizations of all sizes and industries are using new technologies to undergo digital transformation. According to IT research and advisory firm Gartner, 87 percent of senior business leaders say that digital modernization of their company is a top priority. An emerging theme of many digital transformations relates to ‘application integration’ – but why do these have such a close association?