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Supporting Remote Workers During a Pandemic

Working from home is no longer an option but a necessity. Millions of Americans are now part of this "work from home" experiment triggered by Covid-19. There may be no turning back as employees and businesses choose this new emerging model. Remote workers are likely here to stay. According to a Gartner 2020 survey, 82% of business leaders surveyed plan to allow their employees to work remotely for part of the time and half of them intend to allow their employees to work remotely in the future.


Managing From Home: Running Software Teams in a Remote-First World

Working from home, remote-first, asynchronous work. There are many ways to describe our new way of professional life. Much has been explored from an employees point of view, but how do leaders and managers deal with the new situation? We have a look at the challenges and needs of software engineering leadership.


Security Starts With People, Unfortunately.

One of the findings of our investigations pointed to a compromised account as a possible cause of the cyberoperation. While I was reading the results, I thought, “That could have been me. In fact, it could have been any of our employees,” and I began asking myself what I as an individual could do to increase the security of the company I’m working for. Let’s face it, most of the risk is produced by us humans and our behavior.


5 Best Security Practices for Remote Teams During Coronavirus and Beyond

Social distancing measures taken by responsible employers have greatly increased the number of employees working remotely. Even in the midst of this crisis, some companies and their employees can enjoy the objective benefits of not having to waste time and money on long commutes. At the same time, plenty of businesses really didn't have the structure in place to support a vast, full-time work-at-home workforce with the security or business processes they needed.


Top 7 Industries for Work From Home Jobs

The pandemic has permanently reshaped the workplace. It made millions of people say goodbye to the rush hour and start working from home. The apps such as Skype, Zoom, Chanty, or Slack made it all possible. We no longer have to be in an office full-time. The truth of the matter is, we proved that working from home can be effectively done in our PJs from the comfort of our sofa. Based on research by the Conference Board, less than 10% worked from home prior to the pandemic.


Automation: How to Thrive Amid Remote Work Stress

In grade school, Joe Kennedy taught himself how to code video games on his home computer. Today, Kennedy is a Partner and Technology Consulting Leader with PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). In the video call leading up to this week’s Digital Masters interview, Kennedy looked remarkably dapper in a navy blue blazer, dress shirt and slacks and a handlebar mustache curled to perfection.


3 WFH Struggles Service Desk and Remote Support Software Help Solve

It looks as though remote work will be a part of our lives for at least the foreseeable future. Even with some offices reopening their doors, don’t be surprised to see a change in work policies and a more open mind for a hybrid work structure. With this shift in our workplace reality, many organizations will be reliant on a service desk with integrated remote support software to address some of their biggest and most common struggles while working remotely.


4 Steps for Investing in Telecoms Solutions & Employee Experience

After more than a year of remote work and video meetings, most people are ready to bid farewell to the days of collaborating with colleagues through their computer screens. Not so fast. The approaching end to the pandemic doesn’t mean an end to telecommunication as the primary form of workforce collaboration. According to a recent study: While some companies have embraced remote work as the new normal, most businesses are preparing for a hybrid workplace.


6 Cybersecurity Tips for Working from Home

Here at Tripwire, we, like many others, recently surpassed the one-year anniversary of working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March of 2020, we have converted kitchens, spare bedrooms and garages into office spaces. Our pets and children have become our coworkers, and companies are reporting a sudden increase in shirt sales as opposed to pant sales.