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How to Improve Productivity While Your Team Works from Home [Part 1]

Getting the best out of your team is always a challenge, but it gets even more interesting when you have to manage team members working from their different homes. This article explores techniques that improve your team’s effectiveness and efficiency. One of the trending topics in productivity management today is “The Future of Work”. While the subject is not entirely new, the discussions around it have taken a new dimension.


6 Task Manager Apps For Running a Successful Remote Team

If you are that person who says “I don’t use task management tools because getting into them takes too much time”, chances are, you simply haven’t found a platform that fits your team’s needs. As soon as you find the right task manager, you will be surprised by the staggering difference using such a platform makes. The good news is, there are so many tools on the market that it’s not that hard to find the one that fits your team’s needs and processes.


30 HR Professionals & Business Leaders Reveal the Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Developing Work from Home Policies

2020 has been defined by some key changes in how we conduct our personal and professional lives. One of the biggest has no doubt been the shift from working in the office to working from home. After all, work as we know it has been turned on its head. During this time, companies have been faced with tough and unprecedented questions regarding remote work.


Remote access evolved: Wandera Private Access

For Wandera the year started with a new brand and a new direction, using our strengths as security experts to establish a circle of trust. Security leaders were telling us that establishing trust was becoming a major challenge for their business, especially when remote users and highly sensitive, data-rich corporate resources were involved.


How Tracking Your Remote Employees Affects Your Revenue

Many companies are very skeptical about remote work – most do not understand how to control employees at a distance and at the same time maintain a productive working rhythm. In 2009, IBM devised a policy to allow 40 percent of its employees worldwide to work remotely. But in 2017, as the company’s revenue start slumping, the management pulled back its decades-old remote work policy. IBM said that the marginalized feel makes remote employees less loyal.


7 Remote working tools for ultimate focus, motivation & productivity

From apps that boost focus to trivia that builds team morale, here are our top recommendations for remote working tools to keep distributed teams at the top of their game. Lilly Shor, Content Manager, With the pandemic still in full swing worldwide, teams that turned remote overnight are now grappling with the ongoing challenges faced by distributed teams. And at least for the foreseeable future, it looks like remote work is here to stay.


The Best Collaboration Tools for IT: MS Teams vs. Zoom vs. Slack

A key topic of conversation that comes up again and again with our customers is the challenge of collaboration in a remote work environment. Too many channels of communication or documentation are ineffective, and IT professionals are starting to feel fatigued by never feeling quite “in the know” with business decisions that are happening in real-time. When separated from colleagues, teams can feel distant and unmotivated or find it hard to stay focused.

How to Troubleshoot Citrix is Slow for Remote Workers

In this webinar, Citrix CTP, George Spiers will share how technology with embedded intelligence and automation can give you the end-to-end visibility you need to proactively monitor end-user sessions, networks, and latency, troubleshoot and resolve end-user issues faster, and document end-user experience and productivity.

How to debug distributed teamwork, as suggested by new research

As a researcher interested in teamwork and team effectiveness, March 2020 was a fascinating moment for me. Around the world, knowledge workers at organisations large and small were suddenly forced to work from their homes. As we scrambled to get a read on the effect this was having inside Atlassian, we also commissioned an international, multimodal study to capture and make sense of the impact on individuals and teams across a range of industries as they grappled with these extraordinary changes.