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Introducing Redgate's flexible-hybrid working model

The world of work has changed dramatically over the last year and, at Redgate, we’ve been reflecting on what this might mean for our business, and the ways that we work together in the future. From 2022 onwards, we’re aiming to offer Redgate staff a flexible-hybrid working model across our global organization.


Future of Work Quotes, Tips & Trends

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted in more areas, the world continues along its path to the “new normal.” But what that new normal looks like is yet to be seen, as some companies are embracing the remote work culture while others are returning full time to the office, and still others are adopting a hybrid work approach that blends remote work and in-office work.


ServiceNow and Adobe: Reimagining employee experience in HR and legal

Responsibilities have increased for many employees over the last year. The combination of job pressures, new virtual work environments, and personal responsibilities has caused employees to feel overwhelmed. In a 2021 Indeed survey, 52% of employees reported feeling burned out, up from 43% a year earlier. For individuals in roles that serve the entire enterprise—such as human resources and legal—this administrative work compounds quickly.

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Remote possibility: how to help remote staff achieve better work-life balance

The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically altered working experiences and what we consider to be normal. Almost every industry has been affected and businesses were forced to scramble to find ways of operating at such a difficult time. Things have begun to improve, and we may be through the worst of the pandemic, but it has had a lingering effect.

Do COVID-19 Vaccinations Mean the End of Remote Work?

Six months into 2021, vaccination rates are increasing around the world. At the same time, business leaders are planning their policies for remote work. Google announced a hybrid remote work model, with most employees to have the flexibility to work remotely two days a week. Others, like Morgan Stanley, have said that employees need to return to the office by September.


Remote Work and Mental Health

As work from home policies evolve while the world begins to emerge from the COVID-19 Pandemic, many software developers will continue to work remotely. Mental health issues have seen a significant surge with the onset of the pandemic and related seclusion. Four out of ten adults in the US reported suffering symptoms of anxiety, part of which was caused by isolation.

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The Rise of Collaborative Apps - Q&A with Andy Pflaum of Slack

In the latest of an occasional series, today we hear from Andy Pflaum, Director of Platform Solutions at Slack, discussing the rapid growth in the number of apps being built by developers within the platform, the effect of the recent pandemic and remote working on current and future direction, as well as the recent tie-up with Salesforce.

Tech Trends Shaping the Business World in 2021

Wondering what the latest tech trends are in the business world? There are always new tech trends emerging in the business world, and it is important for owners to be aware of what these are so that they can utilize them and stay current. Of course, these are unique times, which has led to a number of tech trends emerging over the last year or so that have helped businesses manage during COVID-19. So, if you want to know what the latest tech trends are and how they can help your business right now, keep reading to find out more.
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6 Ways to Support a Remote DevOps Team

Remote working is here to stay, so it's vital that businesses understand how to get the best out of their staff. For some roles, working remotely is easier than others - DevOps employees, for example, can face challenges if they're not fully supported within the organisation. In a distributed workforce, there's a higher risk of security issues and application problems, so it's crucial that organisations support them to keep the organisation running smoothly. Here are 6 ways to do just that.