Digital Transformation

Helping customers answer the trillion-dollar digital transformation question

As a former chief experience officer, I’ve seen just how impactful digital transformation can be. When I worked at Under Armour, we focused on our customers’ connected fitness journey, which unlocked new revenue streams and engagement opportunities. Yet, I’ve been around long enough to see my fair share of disappointments and underperforming projects. Any C-level executive will say the same.

Application Modernization Using Microsoft Azure - Top 4 Reasons Why You Can't Ignore It

In the digital transformation era, any organization on its growth to glory must consider developing and investing in modernizing their application portfolios. That includes healthy competition, legacy modernization, and creating a unique identity from the rest of others. Moreover, advancements in technology have forced organizations to reconstruct themselves to the new normal. Application modernization is all about the process of repurposing or consolidating current business applications.

Digital Transformation In Banking: How To Make The Change

Digital transformation has remained an important trend in banking in 2021. Similar to its impact on other business domains, technology is gradually reshaping the financial services industry in every aspect. However, the industry has a long way to go, and banks are still dipping their toes in the digital water, with 27% only launching a digital transformation strategy in 2021. Meanwhile, customers have changed too.

Now at Work: Helping companies embrace digital transformation

The Now at Work 2021 Digital Experience provided a forum for companies around the world to demonstrate how they’re using the Now Platform, boosted by the Rome release, to bring about digital transformation. ServiceNow helped businesses not only cope with the pandemic, but also build more innovative, nimble organizations for the future.

4 Common Misconceptions About Digital Transformation

Our technology-empowered world continues to evolve at rapid pace, and so do the expectations of customers. The brands that will succeed tomorrow and in the future will be those that keep up with that change. While the vast majority of companies have transformation initiatives, in my digital transformation consulting work, I have noticed four common misconceptions about digital transformation that have the potential to derail even the most well funded efforts.

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3 IT Workflow Automation Use Cases to Turbocharge Your Business

According to a recent survey by Gartner, business leaders anticipate a return to growth for their enterprises and industries in 2022, and a big part of their investment plans involve digital transformation. In fact, 20% of CEOs cited digital transformation as a priority for strategic investment. That is a significant shift from 2012 when Gartner found that only 2% of CEOs surveyed had made digital transformation a priority.