Digital Transformation

BearingPoint's Software Asset Management

Our SAM service enables customers to have control over the risks and complexities of software entitlements, optimize the use of software assets and minimize license consumption and costs. Our approach transforms and restyles software asset management. Thus, the customer is relieved to install and manage on-premise solutions or provide expert license management staff.
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5 Digital Transformation Mistakes Infrastructure Leaders Make

Senior IT leaders, motivated by both the changing nature of our economy and more recently, the COVID pandemic, have decisively shifted their focus toward applications. The industry catchphrase for this shift, digital transformation, makes clear its dual nature: directed toward the digital future while at the same time acknowledging that the existing environment must be modernized—in other words, transformed. Tasked with enabling this new breed of applications are operations groups.


Digital Transformation Challenges in the Public Sector from 2021

Over the past decade, all public services have faced digital transformation challenges and developed associated programs. Most of these initiatives have had to be driven by money – the need for efficiency, productivity, and income generation, in response to increased financial pressures and a decade of austerity.


How a customer turned digital transformation success with Elastic into a partnership opportunity

Our journey with Elastic began with a search for a single monitoring platform service for all kinds of applications and infrastructure across geographies and in the cloud. Like many other organizations who use Elastic, our story does not end there.

BearingPoint's FOSS management services

Discover the comprehensive portfolio of BearingPoint’s Free and open-source software (FOSS) management services. From a tool-based analysis of software developed by you or your suppliers and support of M&A transactions to the complete takeover of any FOSS management process, we develop FOSS management concepts tailored to your needs. Our FOSS management services are flexible and efficient.

Are Data Silos Hindering Your Digital Transformation?

Most organizations today have some form of digital transformation strategy in the works. But a large share of these projects fail. Why is this? IT specialists will tell you that apart from misalignment between the goals of IT and business leadership, the main obstacle to a successful digital transformation is the adherence to obsolete data silos.


Digital Transformation in Banking: Transforming Financial Services With Incident Management

Financial services institutions have been facing pressure to modernize their operations for years. But legacy architecture and processes—along with compliance regulations—have made rapid innovation difficult to achieve. Adding to this pressure are new, digital-first competitors who accelerate the need for financial services to deliver better digital customer experiences both more consistently and at scale.


How To Structure A Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

As our world becomes increasingly digital, businesses everywhere feel the push to adopt new technologies. This is no longer a demand specific to the technology sector. Rather, all industries are required to improve and transform their business models. Businesses everywhere and of every size find benefits to embarking on digital transformation, from giving them a competitive edge in a cutthroat market to a wealth of data from the customer journey.