Incident Response

Hear From Product Incident Response Lightning Talk

Learn about what's new with PagerDuty Incident Response from the Summit 2021 Launch. Our Product team shares how you can benefit from our latest updates and enhancements and enjoy demos that were recorded live from Summit 2021 featuring PagerDuty Incident Context in MS Teams, Slack Insights previews, Stakeholder Updates in ChatOps, Priority-based Business Service Subscription, Past Incidents on Mobile, Add Responder Notification Rules.

Pragmatic Incident Response: 3 Lessons Learned from Failures

In my past experience as an SRE I’ve learned some valuable lessons about how to respond and learn from incidents. Declare and run retros for the small incidents. It's less stressful, and action items become much more actionable. Decrease the time it takes to analyze an incident. You'll remember more, and will learn more from the incident. Alert on pain felt by people — not computers. The only reason we declare incidents at all is because of the people on the other side of them.


Demystifying the Hype Around XDR

Extended Detection and Response (XDR) has generated a lot of buzz recently with press, analysts, and even customers. There’s no denying that, at face value, its promise of reduced complexity and cost while increasing detection and response is alluring. As security teams look to modernize their security tooling, they’re also looking for solutions to some of their largest challenges. Is XDR the answer? What is XDR, exactly, and how do you determine if it’s right for your organization?


Enabling Faster Incident Response and Mitigating Security Risks in Financial Services

Software is eating the world. Digital Transformation is top of mind for companies looking to meet ever-growing consumer demands and digitize manual processes. This isn’t unique to the technology industry. Ecommerce, finance, healthcare, and other industries are all moving in this direction.


How to Introduce Automation to Incident Response with Slack and PagerDuty

Major-incident war rooms are synonymous with stress. Pressure from executives, digging for a needle in a haystack, too much noise—it’s all weight on your hardworking technical teams. Incident responders clearly need a more effective way to collaborate across various technical teams. A method that both minimizes interruptions and keeps stakeholders up to date while ensuring everyone has the right level of context to do their job.


Make your Onboarding Experience Better with a Murder Mystery Game

Onboarding a new tool can be boring. Or stressful. Or both. When onboarding an incident response tool, it can be difficult to make sure that your team is getting the most from the experience. Do you opt for a run-of-the-mill meeting, or try to learn while in an incident? Neither option is ideal. That’s why Petal’s DevOps Engineer Michael Cole found a new way to get his team using Blameless for their incident response process.