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Your First Shipa Webhook - Microsoft Teams Integration

One more “ops” phoneme like DevOps is ChatOps; or conversation-based development/operations. ChatOps has been growing in popularity as communication platforms such as Slack is ingrained in our day-to-day engineering lives. A team lead once told me “if it didn’t happen in Slack, it didn’t happen” showing the emphasis of communication platforms as a system of record.


3 Reasons Why Microsoft Mesh for Microsoft Teams Makes Performance Monitoring More Important Than Ever

Written by Microsoft MVP Nick Cavalancia. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced the 2022 rollout of Mesh for Microsoft Teams as the next step in online and virtual collaboration. This seemingly bold step forward into a new type of interaction between individuals is more a natural evolution, taking years of augmented reality research and applying it in a way that provides value to organizations wanting to better collaborate.

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Microsoft Teams Configuration and Deployment on Citrix

Since early 2020, there has been a massive growth in the number of active Microsoft Teams users and organizations deploying Teams; now, there are more than 200 million monthly active users across the globe. With an increase in market share, it’s one of those applications that you either expect an organization to be already using or planning to deploy out to their environment sooner rather than later.

How to Ensure Microsoft Teams Performance when Employees are Returning to their Workplace - Use Case

Martello Vantage DX helps you prioritize and resolve problems to optimize the performance of Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365 and business applications delivered to your business lines and customers.

Proactive Business Line Support for Microsoft Teams PSTN Calls

With Microsoft Teams usage continuing to increase, it was only a matter of time until we also saw the rise of Teams voice through PSTN. Even though this requires more expensive Microsoft 365 licenses, the return on investment can be significant purely based on the pricing structure but sizable savings can be realized when it comes to management overhead costs. However, it can be a challenge to ensure PSTN call quality for all your business lines and users.


Microsoft Office 365, Azure, and How to Use Them Together

Office 365 and Azure are two important cloud services with many features and functions. Although Microsoft mainly designed them to work separately, when used in combination, they offer an excellent way to increase efficiency in the workplace with minimal IT administration. This post will focus on the several ways organizations can benefit by using Office 365 and Azure together. It will also discuss critical considerations for administration, best practices, and pitfalls while using them together.


Office 365 Monitoring: An Introductory Guide

The cloud has transformed the IT world. It’s cost-efficient, scalable, secure, and provides many other benefits. According to techjury, 81% of organizations have at least one application running on the cloud. With such a high number of organizations using the cloud and more joining this list every day, the cloud has become an integral part of many organizations. Cloud typically provides three types of services.


5 Sustainable IT Practices for Your SaaS Applications

With web browser-accessed applications reaching record levels, employees are now spending most of their productive work time inside a cavern of business web applications. These may be custom applications built by a company for specific business purposes, or commercial SaaS applications for important functions such as collaboration, workflow management, scheduling, communication, transactional business, single sign-on, development, service desk, CRM, HR, and others.