Visualize Geotemporal Data with InfluxDB Cloud's New Map Graph

We recently introduced a new Map graph type into InfluxDB Cloud to help users visualize time series data that includes position. Above is a graph showing the most recent earthquakes in California, where the color of the marker indicates their magnitude. In this post, I’m going to walk through the ways to ingest geotemporal data into InfluxDB Cloud, and how to use the new Maps visualization type.

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Why Should My Business Consider Private And Direct Connections To Huawei Cloud?

The rapid growth of China's public cloud market and the increased spend on cloud services has seen Huawei Cloud become an increasingly popular option for enterprises. Here we look at some of the advantages of using private connections between Huawei Cloud data centres and your on-premise or colocation environment.


Talk of the Town: Single Page Application

In recent days web application has become a vital part of our day-to-day life. We often don’t understand the technology behind an application as how it works, what type of programming languages have been used or what kind of databases are used to store and retrieve data. But when you try to create one such application you should definitely know how to build an application and the technology stack behind it.


What is Application Performance Management (APM)? Overview and 11 Features to Look for in APM Tool

Application Performance Management is all about gaining a complete picture of your applications' inner workings so you can make sure they're performing as they should. APM tools make it easier for developers to spot issues that are preventing their applications from providing outstanding user experiences. Furthermore, these monitoring services can help to limit the danger of fatal outages and downtime, which can be extremely costly for any company.


How to Drive Innovation and Agility Using Digital Twins Technology?

In our rapidly changing world, product manufacturing organizations are increasingly searching for ways to improve their efficiency in delivering outstanding throughputs. Digital Twins is becoming an ideal technology solution for manufacturers and process engineers that helps companies to monitor operations in real-time, control and even enable machines to learn, improve and heal themselves.


Shift Left Testing: Some tools that can help

The Shift Left testing approach is not a new term. Across the globe, more and more organizations are shifting left for various reasons. It’s also regarded as a culture as it allows businesses to instil collaborative work efforts and launch products into the market faster. This testing approach expedites testing and helps detect bugs in the early stages of development. For teams with a heavy focus on faster time to market and continuous integrations — Shift Left is the way forward.


When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

Scriptless test automation might mean different things to different people but the motive with which is made is to get better results in less time. Scriptless removes the barrier of learning and implementing a scripting language while you can automate the same scenarios. Today, test automation is moving towards scriptless. While there are multiple approaches to scriptless test automation, in this article we will discuss what makes Testsigma a perfect scriptless test automation solution.


Automated Testing Software for web and mobile: some features you would need

It’s a known fact that automation testing is extremely crucial in maintaining software quality. Mobile applications and websites are a genuinely dynamic landscape with several new enhancements and advancements happening every day. To secure their quality and to help you deliver delightful experiences to your users and ones that’ll keep your users engaged with your products — testing is essential.

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How You Can Make Your Database More Efficient

Data is the lifeblood of your business, critical to its survival and success. It delivers insights into customers' specific needs, helping you better understand them and deliver a more tailored user experience. With data playing such a key role in whether modern businesses sink or swim, it's vitally important to optimize your database to ensure data is insightful, relevant, and actionable, providing the end user with the best possible experience.

Monitor AWS FSx audit logs with Datadog

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server is a fully managed file storage service built on Windows Server. Migrating on-premise Windows file systems to a managed service like FSx enables organizations to reduce operational overhead and take advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. But having visibility into file access activity across their environment is key for security and compliance requirements, particularly in sectors such as financial services and healthcare.