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How Is AI Transforming Cloud Management?

In 1927, the world was introduced to the origins of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of a robot in the movie Metropolis. Throughout nearly a century since then, movies have continued to iterate on the complexities of AI, as both a fun take on it and serious commentary on the potential concerns and consequences. This is all well and good, but as AI has continued to evolve, we find ourselves asking, “how can we actually use this to make our lives easier?”


AppSignal is Free for Open-Source Software & "For Good" Projects

Whether you write code to save the bees, build the latest CMS, or teach others to become a developer: we’ve got your back. We’ve always offered AppSignal for free to maintainers and do-gooders who asked, such as Elixir School, Code::Stats and the MEANS Database. Starting today, we want to spread the word to all open-source maintainers and volunteer organizations that AppSignal is 100% free for them.

How to Introduce Test Automation Practice in a Legacy Financial Company

Doing the turnaround from legacy testing to modern test automation might be a struggle. Specifically in a financial organization, where habits and process may be very present. How does a team start from zero, when you are a project in a middle of many others? In this dual presentation by the QA lead of the team and the lead of the expert coaching group, you will discover how a team at National Bank of Canada made the change to a mature practice of test automation.

Log in to Bitrix24 Desktop and Mobile Applications

As you know, Bitrix24 offers a desktop application for Mac and Windows and a mobile application for Android and iOS, that you may download at this page and use free. Both these applications are created for better Bitrix24 account usage experience and include a full set of useful tools and features that Bitrix24 has.