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Device management blind to 125 percent increase in financial sector phishing attacks

As guardians of valuable monetary assets and highly sensitive data, financial institutions are the perfect target for cybercriminals. According to IBM, the financial services sector was the number one target of cyberattacks in 2020 among all industries. This means these organizations continue to be challenged and invest heavily in both people and technology to make sure they can withstand attacks of any type.


What Are Microservices and Why Use Them?

Microservices are the future of software development. This approach serves as a server-side solution to development where services remain connected but work independently from each other. More developers are using microservices to improve performance, precision, and productivity, and analytical tools provide them with valuable insights about performance and service levels.


How to automate your web testing on real mobile and desktop browsers

In the good old days when we were using a basic phone, the web application used to run on only a desktop. Mobile phones were not so evolved to run a web application in the browser. But today, each of us uses a mobile phone for running web applications and websites. When we are talking about web testing, we mean web applications and website testing in web browsers. Here, we are dealing with the web-based programs accessed by multiple users at a time.


Level Up Test Automation With Zephyr Scale

With the ever-increasing demand to deploy high quality and reliable software faster, automation has become an integral part of modern software development. By seamlessly integrating your existing test automation efforts with Zephyr Scale, you can benefit from faster releases, tighter collaboration, and better visibility of your testing processes. Read on to discover why and how you can unify test management and automation in a single tool with Zephyr Scale.

Loadero quickstart tutorial. Part 1. Creating an account and a first project.

Are you ready to start creating cloud-hosted tests for your web application? This video shows how to set up a new account and a project to handle your performance and load tests. Follow the steps described and you will be ready to start working on your first test in a matter of minutes.

APIOps for Standardization Without Hindrance (Destination: Scale)

Typically, there are two options to ensuring APIs have the right governance: manual checks or long documentation (or both). There is now a third option in APIOps — integrating your GitOps process with the API lifecycle, automating the enforcement of API standards from design time. This ensures API security, quality, consistency and resiliency across distributed teams at scale, therefore improving productivity for developers and operators whilst reducing risk overall.