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Quality at Speed: More API Testing, Less UI Testing

Whether your company is a digital native or you’re just starting or well on your way to digital transformation, you know that your web services, mobile apps, and API programs need faster time-to-market without increasing risk. More full-stack and backend developers as well as QA/testing, architecture, and DevOps leaders are trying to inject rocket fuel into their agile development by doing more API testing. But how much UI testing can be moved over to much faster API testing? And then, how short can you make your testing sprints with API testing?

Truly Doubling down on open source #2

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog stating our intention to fork Kibana and Elasticsearch. This was a huge decision on our end, one that we did not take lightly. A few days have passed since this announcement and I wanted to share how humbled and excited we are with the responses from companies and individuals who are eager to participate and contribute.


Best Website Performance Testing Tools

What is the usual criteria in choosing an online store? It should have reasonable prices, sell quality products, and most of all, it should have a fast loading time. A website’s performance is essential. A two-second delay can make a big difference to your website and revenue as well. In fact, Neil Patel reported that a mere second delay may cost an e-commerce site up to $2.5 million in sales annually.


4 important Open-Source Network Management Statements Addressed

Does your company use Apache, Tomcat or Linux? Do you use Wireshark? If you do, you are already using open-source software. Open-Source software is cost-effective assuming that you have IT staff, good training, documentation and access to quality support. Yes, that’s true. But that can be true for any software product that your technical team is responsible for.


5 reasons you need to pen test in 2021

Now that 2021 is proving to not be the fresh start many hoped for, it’s time to re-examine the security lessons learnt in 2020. As the transformational business challenges of the last 12 months demonstrated, security should always be high on the agenda no matter what your organisation size. After all, as we revealed in our 2021 annual cyber security industry report, hackers don’t care what size or type of business you are – only if you’re an easy target.


8 Challenges of mobile app testing and how to solve them?

In 2019, the worldwide sales of mobile devices were 1524 million units. In 2020, in the first nine months, we were already hitting 1590 million units and this trend has been growing every year. The number was just 296 million units ten years back in 2010 ( This trend shows us how mobile devices have become a part and parcel of our lives.


Walkthrough to Set Up the Deep Learning Toolkit for Splunk with Amazon EKS

The Splunk Deep Learning Toolkit (DLTK) is a very powerful tool that allows you to offload compute resources to external container environments. Additionally, you can use GPU or SPARK environments. In last Splunk blog post, The Power of Deep Learning Analytics and GPU Acceleration, you can learn more about building a GPU-based environment. Splunk DLTK supports Docker as well as Kubernetes and OpenShift as container environments.

What risk managers need to know about AI governance

As more businesses begin to realize the full potential of AI to deliver business results from their data, they're starting to bump up against their ability to manage it all. As the amount of data and number of models grow, organizations can accrue significant technical debt. Chief risk officers (CROs) and model risk managers can be left asking themselves, "Do I spend more to keep up with model demand, or do I accept more risk?"

Monitor Azure IoT Edge with Datadog

Azure IoT Edge is a Microsoft Azure service that allows you to run containerized workloads on IoT devices. With IoT Edge and Azure IoT Hub, Azure’s device-management platform, organizations across science, manufacturing, energy production, and other industries can provision their IoT devices and workloads at the edge of their cloud networks for immediate in-unit computing, a necessity when running AI algorithms or parsing large datasets directly on IoT devices.


Kong Gateway 2.3 Released

Hey there, Kong Nation! We are happy to announce the release of the community edition of Kong Gateway 2.3, our flagship open source API gateway! Version 2.3 brings several exciting new features as well as some significant security improvements. As we have done in both versions 2.1 and 2.2, we are also releasing a Beta version of the Enterprise 2.3 gateway while incorporating all features from the open source 2.3 gateway.