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Automated Testing Software for web and mobile: some features you would need

It’s a known fact that automation testing is extremely crucial in maintaining software quality. Mobile applications and websites are a genuinely dynamic landscape with several new enhancements and advancements happening every day. To secure their quality and to help you deliver delightful experiences to your users and ones that’ll keep your users engaged with your products — testing is essential.


When can Testsigma be your perfect Scriptless Test Automation Solution?

Scriptless test automation might mean different things to different people but the motive with which is made is to get better results in less time. Scriptless removes the barrier of learning and implementing a scripting language while you can automate the same scenarios. Today, test automation is moving towards scriptless. While there are multiple approaches to scriptless test automation, in this article we will discuss what makes Testsigma a perfect scriptless test automation solution.


Shift Left Testing: Some tools that can help

The Shift Left testing approach is not a new term. Across the globe, more and more organizations are shifting left for various reasons. It’s also regarded as a culture as it allows businesses to instil collaborative work efforts and launch products into the market faster. This testing approach expedites testing and helps detect bugs in the early stages of development. For teams with a heavy focus on faster time to market and continuous integrations — Shift Left is the way forward.

Splunk Cloud Monitoring Console on Mobile (in 60s)

The Cloud Monitoring Console (CMC) lets Splunk Cloud administrators view information about the status and performance of their Splunk Cloud deployment at a glance. On Splunk Mobile, you can access many of the same CMC dashboards as on Splunk Web. Whether you’re interested about your users, indexes, searches, or ingest volume, you can access this data on the go or at the comfort of your own couch.

Splunk Mobile - Overview (in 60s)

Splunk Mobile enables you to unlock value from your data anywhere at any time. Regardless of your role or level of technical expertise, you can use Splunk Mobile to view dashboards and take action from your mobile device. Whether you’re a C-suite executive looking for a report, a NOC manager investigating an issue, or a SOC analyst uncovering an anomaly, getting answers has never been more convenient with the power of Splunk in the palm of your hands. Splunk Mobile is made for all organizations and roles, including yours.

Understanding the Basics of Envoy Configuration

Envoy is a key part of a number of service meshes currently on the market, including Istio and the Kuma CNCF Sandbox project. As such, it is often helpful to better understand how Envoy is configured to operate as a data plane in a service mesh. In this session, you’ll learn about the basics of Envoy configuration, like listeners, filters, clusters, and endpoints.

Kubernetes Ingress gRPC Example With a Dune Quote Service

APIs come in all different shapes and forms. In this tutorial, I’ll show you a Kubernetes Ingress gRPC example. I’ll explain how to deploy a gRPC service to Kubernetes and provide external access to the service using Kong’s Kubernetes Ingress Controller. And to hype you up a little bit about the upcoming live-action movie, Dune, based on Frank Herbert’s book, I created a Kubernetes service that delivers Dune quotes.